Energy Transition Conference electrifies audience

Next electrical phase

In early December 2015, Nexans’ Management Innovation and Technology (MIT) initiated a new series of technical gatherings in Paris’s prestigious Musée des arts et métiers, often called the “Museum of Innovation.” The first was entitled Superconducting Power Grids: A step forward in Energy Transition.

Information power-sharing

The Conference brought together experts from inside and outside Nexans, including academics, scientists, power utility managers (RSE/RWE), engineers, and developers of new systems. Organized by our newly-appointed VP of Management Innovation & Technology, Pierre Kayoun, it was moderated by Prof. Nouredine Hadjsaid, INP Grenoble.

Energizing presentations

The keynote speaker, Jean Verseille, Director of European Affairs, RTE, projected a “European Vision” and how to deal with new constraints, like adding renewable energy to global power networks. Then, in “Nexans at the heart of the Energy Transition” M-A Delannoy, Nexans VP Strategy and Transformation, explained our contribution to infrastructure, industry and buildings. To demonstrate how Superconductors have arrived in daily life, a major Nexans customer, Oliver Sauerbach, Manager of Grid Planning, Westnetz, described reliable and effective solutions for AMPACITY project for Superconductor grid integration within Essen’s city center. Some 11 speakers spoke, followed by a lively, participative roundtable.


In keeping with the aims of the recent 2015 Paris Climate Conference, COP21, the Energy Transition Conference touched on many ecological themes, as well. For example, how superconductors could significantly improve the efficiency of power networks during the use phase. Some future development projects dealt with cruise ships and hybrid airliners, and the use of hydrogen for electrical storage media, or as a cooling medium for long-distance DC superconductive grids. To eventually receive available papers, video, photos, participant biographies, and other documents, please leave your request at Energy Transition.